Monday, September 27, 2010

Claire Scully. Nough said.

Okay so I have to admit I kinda stole this from a neato blog I came across So Much To Come Firstly because I thought it reminded me a little of a previous blog post I did on the russian musical film Hipsters with their great costumes and secondly because I love the remake of this song! (don't get me wrong -the original is great too but this one just has a little more modern punch to it).

Spray on Fabric! Crazy right?! Not so according to Manel Torres and Paul Luckham who have just unveiled their amazing new textile technology, fabric in a can! (actually just discovered it's been in the planning/making/ creating stages since Fabrican developed in 2000). Todays society is so future and instant product driven that you'd have to say spray on fabric was enivitable. This is a generation of forward thinking, constantly striving to come up with practical (some not so much...) and mass appealing products.

Still in the perfecting stages the product consists of short fibres, such as wool, linen or acrylic, mixed with polymers to bind them together. A solvent which evaporates on contact with a surface allows the fibres to be sprayed out of can as a liquid. Because the liquid is spray on it means you can create layer upon layer of fabric in varying textures. The fabric can then be peeled off of the surface it's been sprayed on then washed and worn all over again. The guys are focussing now on pushing the product towards other applications such as medical fabrics/bandages and interior applications such as upholstery.

-Cannot wait until this becomes mainstream enough for me to get my mitts on a can!
Some info borrowed via Stuff

Sunday, September 26, 2010

M O R E !

MOre!!! Fabulous prints from the Fabulous Basso & Brooke!
These are some of their previous season prints but still pretty amazing!
Go here to see more!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Saw my first squirrel in London yesterday! Now am just holding out to see a fox!
(images stolen from google...)
Update! saw a fox today!!! very fairytale like indeed!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh S T Y L I S T

(A brilliant fashion mag/newspaper brought to you free(!) every Tuesday!)

Stylist, I want to work for you.
Pretty please? Sugar on top, cherry, sprinkles, the works?... There are so very many reasons as to why you should employ me but first take the time to read my great spiel about you. Yes it’s really all about you.
I can always bring up the aspect of you being free every Tuesday but that’s not my main point, it’s a great point but the best part about you is that you combine great fashion advice and style points with excellent, readable, relevant stories on current issues which I actually take the time to read. I find myself searching for the people who hand you out at the tube every Tuesday morning, if I miss them I walk to the next station hub to find you. I’m not stalking you honest...

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Bijoux Hearts

Yip I told you there'd be more!
As mentioned below I went to Butler & Wilson -take a looksie at some of their current collection available here.
Also here is another from Fenwicks... Bijoux Hearts Vintage inspired costume jewellry-similar to the other ones I've posted about but each designer has something a little different about them that draws me to them.


So here are the other jewellry designers I found at Fenwick -LOVE the whole over the top gem collages going on at the mo, speaking of which I stumbled into Butler & Wilsons the other day, it's so amazingly in your face it totally works! Planning on which pieces to spend my rent money on now!

Anywho check out these beautiful designers pieces above!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Another beautiful jewellry designer I came across in Fennicks! Am loving the mix of soft silk flowers and gems. Absolutely stunning to see up close in person. Ranjana Khan combines her talents of embroidery and embellishments to create gorgeous jewellry piece and accessories to die for. Apparently Ranjana uses all kinds of unusual techniques to exact the effects of her pieces such as burning and applying acid to them. "She treats precious things in an almost cavalier way" -(from Ranjana's web page).
Having worked with huge modern designers such as McQueen & Jean Paul Gaultier Ranjana set out on her own and it's totally worked for her, check out her site and pop along to Fennicks to peruse in person!


Went for a visit to Fennicks today at lunch and had to stop myself pulling out the credit cards to buy some AMAZING jewels! Several posts to follow but check out these great bracelets by OTAZU! One of each please! (The third cuff in top right was worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Haven't been near any NZ designers lately but suddenly had an inkling to have a looksie at what Meadow Lark have been up to. AND now they have (well since I was last on there...) an online shop! JOY!
Am loving the Protea Cocktail Ring!