Monday, July 29, 2013

Crazy name but wonderful little pieces of stitched magic.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wish I had a spare 110 euros to purchase a copy of Texitura print design magazine! It looks amazing! 
Quick side note: LOOK! The Mary Kantrantzou team use Promarker pens to illustrate with too! 
For anyone interested in digital pattern design for fabric have a look at this blog  for Angel Textiles -shows a great range of their designs and contemporary designers use of digital pattern. Great inspiration!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Whilst in Auckland a friend took me to this darling little retro inspired cafe out in the suburbs called Sweetie. Beautifully decorated interior and delicious looking edible goodies! 
Coffee was pretty yum also! (They even had a pink espresso machine!)

Repeats created in Photoshop of my original illustrations which were printed onto Cotton Twill fabric at Auckland University
Peter -one of the tutors overseeing the printing on the flatbed. 

ooooo look it's mine!

final result, just needs to be set. Printed on a cotton Twill 

As mentioned in an earlier post I'd taken a leap and booked myself in on a short two day crash course in Photoshop for Textile Design at Auckland University and am really glad I did!
Throughout the two days I learnt there are so many ways to make pattern repeats which have proved far easier then any of the time consuming, confusing processes I'd self taught via youtube/google and even the original course I completed at Uni years ago! So if you are NZ local I'd recommend taking one of AUT's short courses -even as just a refresher as Photoshop CS6 has so many new aspects. 
My only concerns with the course is that two days was not enough time to fully immerse yourself into it, we were pretty rushed on the second day to learn new pattern repeat processes, try them out then get ready for the digital printer in the afternoon so it was a bit of a 'ooo that pattern kind of works lets wack that on some fabric'.... so I did. With three of them. Because I'm indecisive like that... I had high hopes of making some small purses or something out of them but didn't really consider the repeat size and its a wee bit large on all of them for that end product.

But I can now say I have some new technical knowledge that has inspired me to start churning out pattern after pattern -starting with my illustrations -further posts to follow I assure you!