Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stitched fashion illustration! Emma Cowlan.
LOVE Maryam Keyhani's beautiful jewels!
Canadian artist Dorion Scott, hauntingly beautiful, simple images and colour.
Must have.
I should've put a warning at the start of all these posts... Heres's another! Ruth Moilliet -sculpture/ 3d artist, love her take on flower pressing! I used to have one of those butterfly screw flower presses....
Another Brilliant artist I stumbled on at the Art show -Maria Rivens. Maria spends copious amounts of time cutting and pasting amazing collages which really have to be seen up close in person so you can see all the detail and hard work she has done!
Just fell across another artist with similar aesthetic as Ray -Mark Ryden except that Mark paints and draws minus the computer. Very dark and surreal.

Just got back from the Affordable Arts show and am bursting with inspiration! There were some beautiful works from very talented artists. One of my favs has to be Ray Caesar a canadian based (London born) artist who creates fascinating purely digital prints using Maya animation software, which I've been told is extremely difficult to master especially in such a way he has. (Apparently he takes tutorials in Canada to teach budding animation genius's).

It's one thing to see the works on screen but seeing them live in person in 'giant' size is a whole other story. I would LOVE to own one of his pieces -as cute and slightly creepy that they are...

If you have free time and money to spare I'd definitely reccommend heading to the show!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nice wee blog about PATTERN


Battersea Affordable Art show is on this week so I'm heading over tomorrow to take a quick squiz around. Have been on the webby tonight checking out some of the artists and am in love with the beautiful works of Henrick Simonsen! Absolutely stunning pieces!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Went to the V&A today and spied a few new and interesting finds. Especially love the Fendi baguette needlepoint kit! Such a great idea! Just discovered Fendi is known for their DIY kits -would love the plain white one with the pantone markers!
Please someone out there buy one for me?..... pretty please?...