Friday, January 15, 2010

Still on the Etsy note but exploring the kids section, I am really loving the great hand crochet pieces people are coming out with. Purple appears to be making it's way into the colour ranges a lot more these days and I gotta say I quite like it!

There are some really creative prints and embellishments showing up, I am a big fan of the free stitching directly onto the garments like this one below,

Also this is a really fun applique technique and a genius way to use up bits and scraps of that adorable fabric we all have but can't bare to throw away... or is that just me?...

I really love the sweet teapot applique, I can imagine a few of these but with cup cakes making an appearance as they are pretty popular at the mo!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

for anyone reading out there... this is on my wish list! okay lets say birthday wish list seeing as christmas was only a couple of weeks ago, then again it could also be considered a late christmas pressie... I will accept it either way thank you.

introducing... the Lomo Fisheye Camera!

Oh no. I have replaced my addiction to Myspace with etsy....
here's another great one -Dutch Door Press, they have some amazing fun kitschy designs on kids clothes, bags and letter press printed cards. (still have to learn how to do that!).
They even do one with a Dala horse!

Mie Kongo makes the cutest little mugs with gorgeous vintage inspired animals as the handles!
You can purchase them at her etsy store here!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So still on break and just about to go to bed and I stumble upon these two fantastic designers! One of whom is a fashion designer in Romania Diana Bobar Her garments are really different and she's not afraid to experiment with different textiles and dye application -for example check out her spray painted mini dresses, I'm loving the jackets and only wish I had the gall to wear them in Wellington...

Next up is Josephine - Who is an accessories designer and has collaborated with Diana -above- the photos above are from their shoot, mixing Diana's garments and Josephine's accessories), she makes these great little flower head pieces that complete any outfit, I have my eye on one of the little broach like ones with the gem in the centre!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Now I know this has been doing the rounds on several blogs recently but I have only just now had the chance to watch it and she's a very talented artist! Makes me want to throw some paper up and just get to it with the free painting, might just have to!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Sooooo was a little bored today and got out my bags of fun fabric. Spotlight had a massive sale during the year where a lot of their quilting and kids fabrics were 50 cents a metre! How could I possibly pass up the chance of buying some/a lot of them, so as you can see I didn't!

I thought I had better do something with some of it so I embarked on an Apron making mission! I don't do nearly enough cooking or baking to warrant using one but I'm going to start, and it's not going to be one of those 'only-for-show' aprons, I'm actually going to use it.

So this is what I ended up with... I'm not the best of sewers but I still had a bit of fun making it up as I went along, I like that I made the ties quite long so I can either tie it at the back or wrap it around to the front again.

It may be a little too nice to get dirty...... but then again I have loads more fabric and can always make another couple!