Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A friend passed this site onto me (Guess what you forgot blog) and I have to say I love the quirky tshirt designs! Collage of photo vs sketch is a really effective way of conveying ideas, there is another designer who creates the most amazing fashion illustrations by using bits and pieces of other imagery -can't recall her name right now but I feel a future post in the making and a crafty challenge ahead!
Also anything Alice is good in my books! (ooo which reminds me the Museum of City and Sea are having an Alice inWonderland theme weekend and will be hosting an outdoor screening of the silent 1933 version of Alice at 9pm, bring a cushion and a picnic! Saturday, November 28th)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Two posts in one day! I know, but then again I have to catch up for the few hundred or so days in between all the other posts...

Courtney Brim is another one of those incredibly talented illustrators who was chosen by Bespoke Letterpress for a limited run.
She hails from Brisbane Australia and says: 'She loves all things unusual and is inspired by fairytales, Victorian illustration, memories and dreams.'
Her work is super detailed, the mixture of mechanics with dream like characters are very eyecatching.

Doing a little bit of foraging amongst Finders Keepers Blog and stumbled across a company who specialises in vintage letter press stationery and illustrations -Bespoke Letterpress I'd love to know how they make/use a letterpress! hmmm I feel a google search coming on!

Anywho Bespoke Letterpress held a competition of sorts for up and coming illustrators to submit their work to win a spot amongst 10, that would see their design printed in a limited edition release of 150. Kristal Melson was one of the lucky ones with an amazing talent, I absolutely adore 'Her love is a Pony' illustrated above.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I love this show! it's super quirky and the characters are such a clash of personalities, it's brilliant!

We had the pilot show screen here last Friday and I can't wait for more, I've got to say Jamya Mays character Emma Pilsbury has the best costumes! They suit her character to a 't' -she's a perfect throw back to the 60's with her adorable co-ordinating outfits all prim and proper with amazing little vintage jewel accents, especially all those different sweater pins!