Saturday, April 20, 2013

Whoop Whoop! I've had a go at using Google Sites to make my own portfolio/website. 
Take a looksee here!
I had a bit of an exploration before choosing Google sites, (FREE FREE FREE was what I was really going for) originally I was going to head straight to Wix for it's simplicity/ user friendlyness... however having researched a bit further Google Sites appears to be slightly better in that you can edit the templates you use which will allow me to keep refreshing the look of my page and layout. Plus I like keeping everything all together and in the family with blogger being google based too.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Crazy illustrations by Kate Bingaman-Burt.
Everything she's bought all drawn up! 
Also she's done some rather nifty patterns! 

Okay so I am very much stuck on this fabulous blog Messy Nessy -but there are some amazing articles on there with a slightly sarcastic writer.
I'm not going to promise you this is the last post from there because in all honesty I'm more than likely to come across at least three other fascinating stories.
But check out this hotel! It's amazing and definitely on my list of places to go!!  

Never realised this sort of thing happens in such a big city! Vacant derelict areas of Detroit.
It's fascinating! 

Crazy work by artist Heather Benning.

(Bikini Atoll -Pacific, slight story variation but again great article)

I'm always curious about these sorts of places that appear to be obvious settings for horror movies but I just can't help but be intrigued by their stories and would love to go against all instincts and visit them! 
(Also some brilliant informative articles linked below each image -you learn something new every day!)


(The finished sample)

The good thing about Markets is networking and making connections! I know it's small but you have to start some place right? 
I was asked by a very nice stall to help with their business card imagery -they specialise in beautiful yummy smelling soy based candles in vintage china teacups and soaps. So was asked to draw a teacup for their card. 
I sketched out the above and coloured it up all ready for them with variations which they had printed off with their own text generated through Vista etc -I think they came out pretty good, although I'd change the text around a bit. 
The original teacup image was about A5 size and now sits at their market stall framed for anyone to see. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A small part of me got super excited to go ahead and finally go through all my boxes of untouched beautiful fabric (bought with grande sewing intentions...) this weekend and actually have a go at making something. This something specifically being a skirt for winter to wear over winter woolly tights and cute boots... So I've been googling skirt tutorials to find the one I'm after, no such luck yet, (but the one above is pretty cool!) I think I'll end up making it up... However along my travels I stumbled upon a fantastic sewer extraordinaire -Cotton & Curls. Fab easy to sew garments! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This feels very much like cheating BUT I STILL WANT IT! 
CS6 Illustrator Pattern operations.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I forgot to post the finalised Christmas e-card image I created for the business I currently work for! 
So here you go! (Vector based Illustrator). 
(Text was incorporated in the middle for the final card).
Slack. I know.
BUT! here are a couple of other pics debuting at Saturdays Skyline Market...