Saturday, June 30, 2012

Making weaving cool! Jessica Adams -look at the great colour combo!

Fell in LOVE with Sian Miles' digi T collection. Her blog is great for insights to her processes. Really like that she's taken digi prints and worked into them with Devore etc. gives it a bit more edge!
Stunning button's, embroidery and trims from the very patient and talented grad Jennifer Hollidge. Her Tumbler page is pretty awesome inspiration!

I think Dawn McColgans work has to be one of my favs from the show, look at the intense detail, time and effort it took to create her pieces!

Am madly in love with Daniel Banghams creations, yes it's all digi but I still love it! look at the colours!
Must own a scarf!

Time to show off some of what I saw at the expo today!
Meet Frances Andrews -Love her temporary jewellery range ( a little inspired perhaps by Chanel?...)
Spent the afternoon at the New Designers Expo today. Well worth the trip -there are some very talented up and comers out there! I'm all envious and jealous!

Digital printing was again the main ingredient for most of the grads, very many of which were amazing but I'm still a little gutted there weren't very many (as in count on a few fingers) the amount of designers who used straight screen printing processes. What happened to the good old days!.... oh technology...

I spoke with a couple of the grads to get a better understanding as to why they don't do much (if any!) hand printing and was suprised to learn that schools/ tutors and the industry are pushing the students towards the digi market as it is more economical, cost and time wise (in other words a bigger profit margin for them). There are sooooo many arguments for and against this I don't even know where to begin. It's kind of disappointing? But maybe that's just me?... I kinda like the idea that not every print will be the same and may have some individual aspects to them but then again I like the appeal of being able to have as many colours as I want in a digi print without having to layer separate in the screen print process...(I know, pot black jess?).

Monday, June 25, 2012

Just bought my ticket to the New Designers expo on Friday, Super excited! If you're in Londontown and LOVE design then I suggest you pop on over some time this week to Angel and check it out! Buy tickets HERE

Friday, June 15, 2012

Just updated my portfolio (it's been aaaaaggggges!) take a looksie here

Monday, June 11, 2012

My it has been a little while!
If you like to peruse amongst fab illustrators and designers go to THELOOP amazing talented people and their portfolios!
PS: if you are in London you should also try to get to the New Designers exhibition this month! Last year's was Awesome!

Gorgeous image above by my new fav illustrator Jessica Singh -came across on LOOP.